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New Zealand is the ultimate destination for a holiday of a lifetime. It is neatly divided into two islands, both equally beautiful but for different reasons. For mountains and sublime landscapes, then travelling to the South Island might be for you. However, if you are interested in stunning beaches, interesting geothermal activity and curious places to visit, then a trip to the North Island is just what is needed.

We love New Zealand's North Island and everything it has to offer, which is why we are focusing on it in this article.

What does New Zealand's North Island have to offer?

There is no doubt about it the whole of New Zealand is well worth a visit, but if you only have a little time or want to spend your holiday time in a smaller area, then a trip around the north island is the perfect option for you.

The north island is well known for its beautiful coastlines with a whole host of wildlife to spot and explore. It's worth making the most of boat trips and cruises around the local islands, and if you are lucky, you might even spot a dolphin or a whale. Include a visit to the most northern parts of the north island, and then you can even experience subtropical temperatures and experiences!

The north island is also the best place to experience the hustle and bustle of New Zealand urban life. A visit wouldn't be complete without visiting Auckland, also known as the city of sails. Here you can explore the culture and busy life in the city. Make the most of the cafes, restaurants and museums before heading back to your motorhome to relax.

One of the things the north island is most famous for is its impressive geothermal regions. These are hot, bubbling springs and beautiful lakes. If you want to see nature at its most impressive, then this is the place to head.

The places you must visit on New Zealand's North Island

If you have decided to take a trip to New Zealand's North Island, then the next stage is to plan out the places you really want to see along the way. A motorhome holiday is the best way to make sure that you pack in as much as possible into the trip. Not only do you get to travel with all the home comforts, but you get the opportunity to experience the culture of the country you are visiting.


Auckland is more than just a city; it's a city full of atmosphere built on an impressive landscape and right next to a beautiful coastline. Take some time on your trip to spend a little time in this stunning city.

Walkers and hikers can make the most of the beautiful and rugged coastlines and walks through volcanic landscapes before heading back into the city to experience some home-produced wine in the many restaurants and cafes.

If attractions and sightseeing are important to you, then Auckland has you covered here too! Book yourself dinner as you cruise around the bay or head to the Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari, where you can see these beautiful sea creatures closely. If you fancy something a little more exciting, you can book one of our excursions while on your trip. We can arrange for you to take part in the harbour bridge climb where you spend over two hours climbing this bridge and it's walkways and seeing Auckland from a whole new perspective.

Auckland City Skyline
Auckland City Skyline

The Coromandel Peninsula

There is no better place to while away lazy days on holiday than in The Coromandel Peninsula. Situated on the north coast of New Zealand's north island, this is an area that is truly stunning to see. Natural green pastures, impressive gorges, impenetrable rainforests and gorgeous sandy beaches ensure that no matter how you like to relax, you can experience it here.

You can take a trip to see the old gold mining towns and learn about the history of the area. For something a little more naturally exciting, then head to the hot water beach, which is just as incredible as it sounds! Twice a day, the sea retreats, leaving behind natural hot springs bubbling up through the sand. You can also take plenty of diving and boat excursions to experience this area's beautiful landscape truly. We also have some fantastic tours you can book that take you on walks through some of the highlights of The Coromandel.

Coromandel Peninsula
The Coromandel Peninsula


We couldn't have a list of the best places to visit on New Zealand north island without including The wonderful geothermal activity you can find in Rotorua. This region is most famously known for this geothermal activity. You can find lots of examples of this natural wonder. You can experience something truly unique in this region, from bubbling mud pools and hot springs to shooting geysers and atmospheric lakes.

As well as this, you can also take the opportunity to explore and learn about the Maori culture as you travel through Maori villages and see traditional performances and experience traditional foods. To take a closer look at this area's heritage and beauty, book yourself onto one of our excursions in Rotorua. Our traditional Maori Hangi excursion allows you to experience the best in Maori hospitality.

Champagne Pool, Rotorua
Champagne Pool, Rotorua

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Head out of the sun for a little while and take a trip into the Waitomo Caves. Meet up with your tour guide, and then head into the depths of these caves. Whilst there, you can marvel at the expansive caves and natural structures, including a vast cathedral cave. After this, you can head to the boat and sail through the natural caves as you see the wondrous sight of the cave lit up by the thousands of glowworms that make the cave their home. Book one of our excursions to Waitomo Glowworm Caves. You can see this and more before heading back to your motorhome and continue on one of our incredible itineraries around New Zealand.

Glow Worm Sky in Waipu Cave
Glow Worm Sky in Waipu Cave


Fancy a change of pace? Want to see something a little different as you tour through natural wonder after natural wonder? Why not head to Hobbiton! Movie buffs will know that much of the famous Lord Of The Rings movies were made in New Zealand, and one of the most famous places in the movies can still be toured. That's right; you can take a trip to Hobbiton and journey through the impressive set build for these famous movies.

The region of Waikato is the perfect place for the Hobbits to make their home. The stunning scenery is reminiscent of the Shire's description in the books. Have a quick drink in the tavern, then head out to explore the broader landscape that Hobbiton sits within.


Bay of Islands

If you are in the Auckland region, then head north along the Twin Coast to visit the beautiful Bay Of Islands. Sitting in a sub-tropical area of Northland, New Zealand, this area contains stunning, sandy beaches and dunes to enjoy and impose forests containing giant Kauri trees.

One of the major attractions in this area is wildlife. You can dive and see a whole new world of marine life, shipwrecks and underwater landscapes that are just as impressive as the view above the water level. No trip to this area would be complete without getting up close and personal with some of the sealife available. You can book yourself onto a dolphin cruise and take a cruise past some of these beautiful islands and hopefully spot a dolphin or two along the way.

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Are you ready to book your motorhome road trip in New Zealand? We have a few options for you to consider. Our Wonders Of New Zealand Tour Starts in Auckland and gives you ample opportunity to tour through the best that the North Island has to offer before heading south and ending in Christchurch. For a longer trip that gives you plenty of time to see as much as you want to as you travel around the North Island, book yourself our Ultimate New Zealand Tour. After spending time in the North Island, you can also experience the best that the South Island offers before heading back to Auckland and heading home.

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