On any of our Worldwide Motorhome Holidays you can enjoy complete peace of mind with our fully equipped motorhomes. They include everything you need to enjoy a motorhome holiday wherever you choose to roam. See below for more information on our motorhomes available and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Australia & New Zealand - Britz

Australia & New Zealand - Maui

For our amazing New Zealand motorhome holidays and our Australian motorhome holidays, there is a wide selection of motorhomes to choose from.

New Zealand - Compass

New Zealand - Bailey of Bristol

New Zealand - Nissan

Southern Africa - Maui

For our popular South Africa motorhome holidays, the flexible Maui and Roadtripper motorhomes are great choices.

Southern Africa - Roadtrippers

USA - Cruise America

Our USA motorhome holidays will see you cover large distances. Our spacious Cruise America motorhomes are more than up to job.

Motorhome options by country

For more information on the motorhomes available by country, see our individual pages below.