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We want to make your experience as personalised as possible, so we've put all of your itinerary details into a bespoke travel app that can be accessed either with, or without WiFi.

  • Access to your itinerary, travel documents, and important information is available in one place. Anytime. Anywhere. All are available offline.
  • Use the app to share your trip with friends and family as if they are there with you!
  • Keep up to date with changes in weather, flights, and itinerary items through notifications.
  • Get excited for your trip with beautiful imagery, destination information and a countdown timer. 
  • Recommendations for local attractions, cultural sights, and excursions are available in the app.

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Vamoos Travel App

Simply download the 'Vamoos' app onto your iPhone, Android phone or tablet, enter your unique login code and digitally bring your tour to life.

This user-friendly platform is completely tailor-made to your trip and can be accessed from the moment your tickets are issued.

Keep all your documents, maps, tickets and tailored recommendations in one secure place: your phone, tablet or laptop. Our dedicated travel app provides all the information and advice you need to make your holiday flow smoothly. What's more, you're contributing to a more sustainable travel experience.


Or view the app via your web browser.

Travel App FAQs

  1. How do I download the app? 
    You can download the app on an iPhone, Android, or tablet by visiting the App Store or Google Play. You can also click the Customer Log In link above to access your account online. 
  2. Where do I find my User ID and Passcode? 
    Your unique login details will be emailed to you prior to travel. 
  3. What information is stored on the app? 
    All itinerary details are accessible within the app, along with important information regarding your travel destinations, flight details, weather information and pre-travel details for your vehicle and/or rail and cruise journeys. Your final Travel Vouchers will also be available to view on the app around two weeks prior to travel. You will receive a notification as soon as your vouchers have been uploaded to the app. 
  4. Do I have to download the app? 
    We recommend that all guests travelling on our tours download the app to get the best experience out of the trip. Your Travel Vouchers will be on the App, too, so it's important that you have immediate access to them when they become available. 
  5. Why has the app been introduced? 
    As a Tour Operator, we recognise our responsibility to the environment and have chosen to reduce our use of paper to have less of an impact on the world around us. By introducing the app as an alternative to paper tickets, we are able to provide important information directly to you in an instant.
  6. What if I lose my phone whilst travelling? 
    Log in to the website on any device to access your holiday at all times. Your friends and family can also access this while you are travelling.


Please ensure that you allow notifications from the Vamoos app on your mobile phone so that you can receive all necessary updates to your booking before you depart and while you are on your holiday.

You will receive a notification when your travel vouchers are uploaded to the app, around two weeks before your travel date. 

If your booking includes flights, you will be notified of any schedule changes via the app. You will also receive notifications prior to your flight departure to advise you of the departure gate/terminal. 

We may also need to issue important updates via the app whilst you are travelling. This can include traffic advisories and weather condition warnings.

Emergency Contacts

Please notify us if you are unable to download the Vamoos app, as you may miss out on important information relating to your tour.

There is an Emergency Contacts section of the app where you can find all supplier contact details for urgent circumstances while on your holiday. Please only use these details while on your holiday and contact the Worldwide team with any questions or issues prior to departure.