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Forward planning and preparedness are key for a smooth-running holiday. So make sure you read through the latest travel advice for the country you are visiting. For the most up-to-date information and advice, visit the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website or your local government website.

Latest travel news

UK Passport Office increases passport charges

From 11th April 2024, the cost of renewing a UK passport will rise. It remains cheaper (although prices will still increase) to apply for a renewal online. This change affects adult and child passport applications. More information can be found on the UK Passport Office website.

More time needed to install advanced scanners at major UK airports

The UK government had set a deadline of 1st June 2024 for all major UK airports to install new, advanced scanners which, once in operation, would eliminate the need to remove electronic devices from hand luggage at security and lift bans on the 100ml liquid limit. It was hoped that these new processes would be in place for the 2024 peak season. ABTA recommends that you stick to current rules regarding removing electronic devices and storing liquids less than 100ml in a transparent plastic bag when passing through airport security. Even if the airport from which you are departing from has implemented these new measures, there is no guarantee that the airport you arrive at will have done.

Find more country-specific travel advice and important information below.