5 Best Routes for Self Drive Holidays in New Zealand

December 22, 2021

There is so much to see and do in New Zealand that a self-drive holiday is a perfect option to ensure you see as much as you can. New Zealand is a magnificent country full of fantastic scenery and landscapes that are truly out of this world - you won't want to miss a single bit of it.

A Guide to UNESCO sites in Britain

December 13, 2021

Britain is home to 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (plus one in Northern Ireland) from Orkney in the North to the tip of Cornwall. Many of the sites are deeply ingrained in Britain's pioneering Victorian industrial heritage and mining culture, especially so in Wales and northern England. In the south, Stonehenge and the Jurassic Coast make up the share of natural sites, whilst many of London's biggest attractions are also UNESCO sites including the imposing Tower of London, beautiful Kew Gardens, the towering Palace of Westminster and idyllic Greenwich.

What to see in Australia: 6 places to add to your road trip itinerary

December 3, 2021

Australia is a vast country bathed in sunshine and full of sandy beaches, high mountain peaks, magnificent urban environments and fascinating flora and fauna.

5 Best Road Trips in America

November 12, 2021

America has always been a favourite destination for a road trip. There is just something about America that makes it one of the most appealing road trip destinations. Maybe it's the sheer amount of different places you can go and all of the different types of people to meet. Not to mention the famous destinations and iconic landmarks to see! The wide and open roads, the vast and endless, ever-changing and always amazing landscapes.

Adelaide to Darwin in a Motorhome: The Most Desirable Stops

October 28, 2021

For the adventurous, it is difficult to beat life on the open road in Australia. From coast to coast, Australia is a vast island of long open roads and full of the potential for adventure and excitement.

6 Top Caravan Tips for the Ultimate Holiday

October 1, 2021

Planning your road trip holiday of a lifetime is no mean feat! It can seem like there are endless lists of things to do, items to buy and people to organise. Luckily, there is a lot of help and advice available for most of this planning. With a few top tips and some friendly advice, you can make sure you are ready and excited to start on your caravan holiday.

Campervan Parking Laws Around the World

September 17, 2021

Are you finding campervan laws, rules and regulations a little confusing? You are not the only one! It can be tricky to know what you can and can't do and what documentation you need to carry when driving a campervan. It gets even more problematic when you start driving in other countries because each has its own laws and rules surrounding driving a campervan or motorhome.

How Long to Spend in Melbourne When Road Tripping in Australia

August 19, 2021

Melbourne is considered one of the best places to live in the world. If you holiday in Australia, Melbourne is undoubtedly a must-see place, and it is easy to see why. The vibrant culture, rich heritage, and fantastic opportunities are excellent reasons for anyone to visit this amazing city.

In Pictures: Vintage Travel Posters from Southern Africa

August 11, 2021

The halcyon days of travel in the mid twentieth century saw companies capitalise on the new freedoms of commercial air travel. Picturesque posters of glimmering seas, colourful cultures and unfamiliar lands far from home were the primary method of luring potential travellers abroad.

A Guide to UNESCO sites

July 14, 2021

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation or UNESCO as its more commonly known, is an agency that forms part of the United Nations with the aim of promoting buildings, complexes, manmade and natural environments and other destinations of educational, scientific, cultural and historical importance.

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