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Traveling by train is an enchanting experience, where time slows down, and the world unfurls outside your window like a mesmerising tapestry. As the rhythmic chug pulls you through diverse landscapes, you're immersed in a symphony of sights and sounds. The gentle sway lulls you into a state of serene contemplation. No cramped seats or security lines - just the freedom to roam, relish the journey, and arrive at your destination with a heart full of memories and a longing for your onward adventure.

We've introduced a range of tours allowing you to travel parts of your journey by rail, letting you experience your destination in a whole new way. Rail travel adds an exciting dimension, often with added luxury and grandeur and a feeling of old-world charm.

From the arid deserts of Australia to the majestic peaks of Canada and the diverse landscapes of New Zealand to the luxurious indulgence in South Africa, these train routes promise an experience like no other. Buckle up, and let's explore the wonders of The Ghan, Indian Pacific, Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific, TranzAlpine, Rocky Mountaineer, Blue Train, and Rovos Rail.

You can select one of our suggested itineraries or create your own itinerary with our team of experts, who can guide you along the way.

Great Australian Rail Journeys

We offer two Australian rail expeditions; The Ghan between Darwin, Alice Springs and Adelaide (2-4 days journey time), and Indian Pacific between Perth and Sydney via Adelaide (2-4 days journey time).

Customise your tour by creating a tailor-made itinerary that includes rail travel. Speak to our expert team.

Embark on a Journey Through the Heart of Australia

The Ghan
The Ghan

The Ghan, renowned as one of the world's most incredible train journeys, unfurls a tapestry of contrasting landscapes as it traverses the continent. Departing from Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, this epic journey covers a distance of 2,797 kilometres through the heart of Australia. The rust-coloured outback, punctuated by rugged mountain ranges and sweeping plains, offers an ever-changing panorama.

A stop in Alice Springs allows you to explore this iconic desert town and learn about its rich Aboriginal culture. As the train continues its journey south, the ochre hues gradually give way to the verdant vineyards and fertile farmlands of South Australia. Culminating in the elegant city of Adelaide, The Ghan promises an expedition that resonates with the essence of Australia's vastness and diversity.

From the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Shore

Indian Pacific
Indian Pacific

Embarking on the Indian Pacific from the vibrant city of Perth, you're in for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure across the breadth of Australia. This legendary train journey, spanning 4,352 kilometres, takes you through the arid beauty of the Nullarbor Plain, where the horizon seems to stretch endlessly. One of the highlights is a stop in Kalgoorlie, a historic mining town, followed by a captivating exploration of Adelaide's cultural gems.

As the train ventures onward, the route traverses the awe-inspiring Blue Mountains before culminating in the iconic harbour city of Sydney. Along the way, relish the ever-changing landscapes, from the golden deserts to lush valleys, making the Indian Pacific a truly epic transcontinental voyage.

Great New Zealand Rail Journeys

New Zealand offers three rail expeditions; Northern Explorer between Auckland and Wellington on the North Island (1 day journey time), Coastal Pacific between Picton and Christchurch on the South Island (1 day journey time), and the TranzAlpine between Christchurch and Arthur’s Pass (half day journey time) or between Christchurch and Greymouth (1 day journey time).

Our Passage Through New Zealand tour can include rail travel as an add-on. For other tours in New Zealand, you can add rail travel to a tailor-made itinerary.

From the Bustling Streets of Auckland to the Capital Beauty of Wellington

Northern Explorer
Northern Explorer

The Northern Explorer is a rail journey that unveils New Zealand's diverse beauty, spanning from the vibrant metropolis of Auckland to the cultural hub of Wellington. As you wind through lush countryside and skirt along the edge of the mesmerizing Tongariro National Park, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of volcanoes, dense forests, and serene farmlands.

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the charming town of Ohakune or to traverse the dramatic Raurimu Spiral. Ultimately, this journey captures the essence of North Island's contrasting landscapes, offering a unique perspective of New Zealand's natural and cultural treasures.

Journey Along the Stunning East Coast, from Picton to Christchurch

Coastal Pacific
Coastal Pacific

The Coastal Pacific is a rail adventure that takes you along New Zealand's breathtaking eastern coastline. Departing from the picturesque port town of Picton, the journey unfurls vistas of turquoise waters, golden beaches, and rolling vineyards.

The rugged Kaikoura Ranges rise majestically against the horizon as you travel southward. A stop in Kaikoura provides an opportunity for marine encounters, from whale-watching to swimming with dolphins.

The route takes you through the charming township of Blenheim and on to Christchurch, showcasing the fusion of coastal beauty and urban vibrancy that defines South Island.

From Christchurch to Arthur's Pass and Greymouth


The TranzAlpine is an enchanting voyage that unveils the grandeur of New Zealand's Southern Alps. Departing from Christchurch, the journey takes you through the Canterbury Plains before delving into the alpine landscapes. Arthur's Pass, surrounded by towering peaks and lush forests, offers a stunning insight into the heart of the South Island.

The journey continues to Greymouth, where the wild Tasman Sea crashes against the rugged coastline. Whether you're gazing at the soaring mountains or traversing deep gorges, the TranzAlpine is a testament to the incredible diversity of New Zealand's natural beauty.

Great Canadian Rail Journeys

Canada's Rocky Mountaineer operates a rail expedition between Banff, Kamloops and Vancouver (2 days journey time).

The Passage Through the Rockies can include the Rocky Mountaineer, and most of our Canadian tours can be tailor-made to include a rail journey. Speak to our expert team.

Embark on a Canadian Odyssey through the Stunning Rockies

Rocky Mountaineer
Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is a rail experience that epitomizes the grandeur of Canada's landscapes. Travelling through the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies, this journey unveils towering mountain peaks, crystalline lakes, and dense forests.

With multiple routes to choose from, including the First Passage to the West, Journey through the Clouds, and Rainforest to Gold Rush, each route promises breathtaking views and unique highlights.

As you savour gourmet cuisine and impeccable service on board, the panoramic windows frame Canada's natural wonders in all their glory, making the Rocky Mountaineer a true bucket-list adventure.

Great Southern African Rail Journeys

Southern Africa offers two rail expeditions: the Blue Train (2 days journey time) and Rovos Rail (4 days journey time), which both operate between Cape Town and Pretoria.

Customise your tour by creating a tailor-made itinerary that includes rail travel. Speak to our expert team.

Step into a World of Elegance and Extravagance

Blue Train
Blue Train

The Blue Train, renowned as one of the world's most luxurious trains, offers a journey through the heart of South Africa in unparalleled style.

Departing from Pretoria and journeying to Cape Town (or vice versa), this lavish train evokes the elegance of a bygone era. From opulent suites to gourmet dining, every aspect of the Blue Train exudes sophistication.

The ever-changing landscapes outside your window encompass the Karoo's arid landscapes, the Western Cape's majestic mountains, and the Winelands' vineyards, creating a sensory-rich voyage that seamlessly blends indulgence with discovery.

A Sojourn through Southern Africa's Diverse Landscapes

Rovos Rail
Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail offers an extraordinary adventure through the heart of Southern Africa. Whether on the iconic journey between Pretoria and Cape Town or the stunning Victoria Falls route, Rovos Rail combines the elegance of a bygone era with the diverse beauty of the African continent.

Step into exquisitely restored vintage carriages, where every detail exudes elegance. From the savannah landscapes of South Africa to the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, this journey is a celebration of Africa's cultural heritage, wildlife, and natural wonders.

From the vast deserts of Australia to the towering peaks of Canada and the diverse landscapes of New Zealand to the luxurious indulgence in South Africa, these rail journeys promise an exploration of landscapes, cultures, and experiences that will stay etched in your memory forever.