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For the penultimate part of our tasty road trip article series, we are venturing to Australia. This is a stunning island known for its wide-open spaces, gorgeous sunny beaches, natural wonders and large urbanised cities.

Early British settlers mostly influence the culture of Australia, and this is apparent through the way of life, the language and even the food. This culture comes with a lovely twist, though. Australia has developed slightly apart from the British culture we know here which has helped to create a beautiful new culture that is fused with the traditions of the aboriginal Australian people and influences from all over the globe.

Wide-open spaces, majestic terrain and exceptional sightseeing opportunities ensure that a holiday in Australia is one to remember. Choose a motorhome or caravan holiday so you can hit the road with everything you need. This way, you get to see as much as possible!

Britz motorhome in Australia
Britz motorhome in Australia

The origins of Australian food

While in Australia, make sure you take the opportunity to try the food. The most iconic of Australian cuisine is a bbq on the beach where you can enjoy the long stretches of sand, blue oceans and fantastic food - perfect. Your average Australian isn't heading to the beach daily, but a traditional BBQ is a staple for the Australian way of life and something you should try a few times while on holiday.

So, where does Australian food come from? The food most popular in Australia primarily comes from a style that started as British bought over by early British settlers but blended with some exotic tastes and ingredients from the rest of Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia. This has culminated in a staple diet made up mainly of meat, fruits and veggies with some conveniences thrown in for good measure.

Australian outback
Australian outback

Of course, when talking about Australian food, we shouldn't forget the native Aboriginal culture that is still alive and thriving on the island. You can still get hold of some traditional good bush tucker grub, and common foods include some interesting meats to try such as kangaroo, crocodile and emu. If you find these foods in a store or on a menu, they are worth a try. The culture of the food is still changing in Australia, and vegetarian and vegan meals are increasing in availability and with some interesting new fruits and vegetables to try that are indigenous to the island you should be able to find lots of exciting meals.

The Australian diet still mainly consists of meat with chicken being the most common food to find wherever you go in Australia. You are still able to get hold of some of the more unusual meats like kangaroo and emu or even the iconic witchetty grub! If you are feeling brave, then give these interesting foods a try.

Traditional Australian foods to try

One thing to note about Australian food is just how varied it is. With a mix of food you know from home, traditional, homegrown foods, and global influences, there is something for everyone on every menu.

Here are a few of the must-try foods available to you when you head out on your Australian adventure.


Emu is lean meat that is high in protein, low in fat and said to have considerably more iron nutrients than beef! It is still farmed, but this indigenous staple isn't as common on menus as it used to be. When you do spot it, give it a try.

Emu steak
Emu steak (source


Kangaroo is considered game meat and any kangaroo meat you try has usually come from wild kangaroo. Don't worry; kangaroos aren't endangered; they are relatively plentiful, and consuming the meat is often thought to be more sustainable than other types of meat as they are not mass-farmed or grain-fed. Kangaroo is a lean meat with a slightly sweet flavour, and people are often surprised with how delicious it is.

Kangaroo steak
Kangaroo steak (source


No article about Australian cuisine would be complete without talking about a good old fashioned bbq. This is one of the most iconic images of Australian food that many of us have, and it isn't too far from the truth! Australians aren't eating bbq's every day, but it is a large part of the culture and an excellent opportunity to spend time together with friends and family.

For a truly authentic experience, make sure you get plenty of meat of a good variety including, steaks, pork chops and sausages and pair it with a glass of wine or a beer - the perfect end to a day travelling around Australia.

Typical BBQ
Typical BBQ

Salt and pepper calamari

A trip to the local pub in Australia wouldn't be complete without calamari on the menu. Squid is covered in a salt and pepper batter and then deep-fried and makes the perfect appetiser or even as a side to the main meal.

Salt and pepper calamari
Salt and pepper calamari (source

Australian fish and chips

The Aussies love fish and chips as much as the British! This is a dish often found on menus and by the beach for a traditional meal. There is some friendly rivalry surrounding the subject about who does it best, so why not give some a try and see if you prefer the Australian version.

Fish and chips
Fish and chips (source

Barbecued snags

If you are having a BBQ in Australia, then make sure you get some BBQ Snags to add to the barbie. These are sausages made from pork or beef and seasoned with a selection of herbs and spices. Eat them on their own or pop them into a bun with some fried onions for an Australian hot dog - delicious.

Barbecued snags
Barbecued snags (source

Chicken Parmigiana

This is a dish inspired by Italy and is also known as parmesan chicken. Chicken fillets are coated in crispy breadcrumbs then smothered in a tomato and herb paste and topped with cheese. This might not seem like an Australian dish, but it has become a staple on menus all over Australia.

Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Parmigiana (source

Witchetty Grub

We couldn't leave the most world-renowned of bush tucker. Common to try, these nutty flavoured grubs have been eaten raw or cooked for thousands of years, but the idea of it can be a little difficult to stomach. Packed full of protein these are a nutritious snack, so why not be brave and give one a go?

Witchetty Grub
Witchetty Grub (source


Australia is also known for its sweet treats such as this iconic cake called a Lamington. This is a simple recipe that is popular wherever you go in Australia. Squares of spongy butter cake are covered in chocolate and sprinkled in desiccated chocolate. Once set, these make a tasty treat for dessert or just as a snack.

Traditional Lamingtons
Traditional Lamingtons (source

Honourable mentions

Australia has such a wide range of foods and recipes to try that it is difficult to choose the best to add to this article. There are a few iconic items that didn't make the cut, but they still deserve an honourable mention.

Fairy bread isn't something you are likely to find on a menu, but these are simple to make, and the kids will love them. Spread butter onto bread and add a coating of sweet hundreds and thousands for a rainbow snack that is a fun children's party food favourite.

Tim Tams and Vegemite are staple food cupboard items. Vegemite on toast is the same as Marmite on toast but perhaps a more popular breakfast in Australia than its British counterpart.

Tim Tams are a type of chocolate, similar to Penguin bars that are easy to buy and have become iconic when talking about the foods of Australia. Give this tasty treat a try when you pop into a grocery store.

Fairy bread
Fairy bread (source

Discover Australia by motorhome

An Australian holiday is packed full of opportunities to see some stunning landscapes, relax on sunny beaches and of course, eat plenty of good food. Travelling holidays are the most common holiday type in Australia, and we think it is the best way to see all that Australia has to offer. Just make sure you book a caravan or motorhome holiday, so you have all the comforts of home as you travel.

We have some marvellous itineraries to choose from that allow you to travel across Australia and ensure you don't miss out on some of the best tourist hotspots along the way.

Take a tour around Southern Australia for a trip you won't forget. Enjoy Sydney harbour and all of the culinary experiences urban Australia has to offer. Then head out across the island to visit some stunning natural wonders.

Maui motorhome in Australia
Maui motorhome in Australia

Western Australia has some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes you will ever see, and on this trip, you can see the unique wave rock, visit the pink lake and take a journey through the wine region.

Visit The Sunshine State with our Queensland tour where you will have the opportunity to travel around the coast of this beautiful region and spend some time inland taking in some of Australia's national treasures.

Get back to nature and seek out the best bush tucker you can with a holiday touring Tasmania. This world heritage region is brimming with wild and untamed scenery, and whilst on this tour, you can go and see the iconic cradle mountain.

If you are considering booking your dream holiday in Australia, then check out our planning information for lots of handy hints and information. You can even request a brochure, and if you want some help, our travel team is waiting to help you book your holiday of a lifetime.