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Australia is a vast country bathed in sunshine and full of sandy beaches, high mountain peaks, magnificent urban environments and fascinating flora and fauna.

It's easy to see why a motorhome road trip in Australia is a popular choice. Luckily here at Alan Rogers Worldwide, we have taken a lot of the hassle out of booking your trip for you. Our fantastic holiday tours include everything you could ask for, plus incredible sights, the best food and drink and some stunning optional excursions.

To ensure your holiday is as perfect as it can be, you can add in some personalised trips and adventures to some beautiful and fascinating sights. If you are looking for places to add to your itinerary, here are a few of our recommended must-see places.

Historical homestead buildings in Katherine
Historical homestead buildings in Katherine

1. Explore the natural wonders that surround the town of Katherine

Australia's Northern Territory is a fantastic way to explore some of the wilder areas of Australia. Hot, sandy plains and magnificent landscapes and caves can be found in this area. The town of Katherine is one of the larger towns in the area. It is known as 'the place where the outback meets the tropics, which tells you everything you need to know about this remarkable area. You can explore outback culture, tropical weather and see some captivating landscapes.

On our Northern Territory Holiday, we include a visit to this place with several excursions you can book, including a visit to the millennia-old Cutta Cutta Caves. Marvel at the impressive geology and its fascinating aboriginal history.

Once you have visited the caves, take a trip on a cultural cruise. Board your boat and cruise through striking geological gorges and landscapes whilst listening to the commentary.

Cityscape of Townsville at dusk
Cityscape of Townsville at dusk

2. Take a trip to Townsville

On your trip through Queensland, take a little while to explore the majestic town and surroundings of Townsville. While you are here, it's worth spending a little time in the town itself. You can enjoy the vibrant hubbub of city life by enjoying a spot of al fresco dining followed by some shopping and sightseeing.

Take a cruise around Magnetic Island, where you'll have many opportunities for snorkelling along reefs. You can also explore lots of beautiful small bays and beaches along the way. Magnetic Island is also a haven for all kinds of wildlife, marine life and nature.

If you fancy a cruise experience with an all-inclusive platter of delectable cheeses, beers and wines, take a 90-minute cruise around the waters of Magnetic Island at sunset.

Uluru at Sunset
Uluru at Sunset

3. Visit a magnificent cultural landscape

A trip to Australia wouldn't be complete without a visit to Uluru. Formally known as Ayres Rock, the name change reflects its historical and cultural importance to the aboriginal tribes that live in the area.

This magnificent, deep red sandstone structure rises out of the desert. You can still hear some of the traditional stories and see for yourself the cultural history that surrounds this spectacular red rock. It is no wonder that this place was considered sacred by the tribes that lived here.

You can take a trip to Uluru on our Australia's Northern Territory Tour. Fancy a helicopter ride to see this spectacular sight from a new angle? We can organise that. Or perhaps you'd like to learn traditional dot painting from the local aboriginal people? We can do that too.

For the more adventurous, take an exciting trip into the outback and discover the local wildlife and experience the importance of some of the local bush food. You can also learn about the culture and history of the tribes who made this desert climate their home.

Two trees by Lake McKenzie
Two trees by Lake McKenzie

4. Find time for Fraser Island

There is a lot of incredible natural sights to see at Fraser Island. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is worth making space for in your itinerary. The island itself is over 120 kilometres long and has a host of beautiful beaches, wonderful walks and a rich history to explore.

While you are here, you can make the most of the beautiful sandy beaches and laze a few hours away at the edge of azure shores. While you are here, make sure you stop by the stunning Lake McKenzie. This is a beautiful area with a sandy beach shoreline.

Perth by night
Perth by night

5. Stop in Perth for some urban exploration

Australia might be famous for its sandy beaches, hot weather and sub-tropical rainforests but its cities are just as impressive. Along your trip, there will be plenty of opportunities to take in some city life. Perth is one of these places, and if you have the chance to stop and explore, you definitely should. In this city, you can still make the most of those sandy beaches and nature walks we mentioned, but you can also explore the heart of this metropolitan city. Go for a quick shopping spree or while away a few hours in one of the buzzing bars or cafes.

Our Western Wanderer Tour begins and ends in Perth, so there is no excuse not to spend a little time here. During your initial three nights stay in a hotel in Perth, you can make the most of the included city highlights tour before exploring for yourself.

Beautiful Opera house view at twilight
Beautiful Opera house view at twilight

6. Set sail in Sydney

Sydney is iconic for many reasons; it is a vibrant hub of urban adventure. It is a city that manages to be both bustling and relaxing simultaneously. It is an ever-evolving city that is full of excitement and adventure. There is something to keep you occupied for days with bars, restaurants, theatres, cafes, hidden highlights, and attractions!

Our Reef, Beach and Mountains Holiday ends in Sydney, allowing you a relaxing day or two in the city before heading home. Then, before you leave, you can enjoy a sunset dinner, a beautiful end to a memorable trip.

Excursions include a harbour story cruise where you travel under the famous Harbour Bridge and see the Opera House while listening to the fascinating stories of Sydney Harbour.

If you would like a taste of nature instead, head out to the blue mountains and take a guided tour of the local wildlife. For wine connoisseurs, you can book yourself a luxurious wine tour and wine tasting session in Hunter Valley, an area known for its fine wines and boutique breweries.

Are you ready to start planning your Australian holiday of a lifetime? Get in touch with our friendly team or request a brochure for more information and start planning your exciting itinerary and holiday in Australia.