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If you are planning on heading out on your Canadian adventure with a motorhome holiday, then there is one thing you need to make sure you don't forget. The food!

Canada is known for its homegrown and natural maple syrup, and they are proud of it. The maple leaf is even on their flag! Whilst the maple syrup is excellent and worth taking some time to track down whilst on holiday, there is far more to Canadian cuisine than just syrup.

The history and culture of this breathtaking country aren't quite as well known as it's neighbour the United States, but it is just as long and interesting. Its long culture of immigration and settlers has had quite a significant influence on the cuisine. Whether it's a trip to the local Tim Hortons coffee house to fine dining in the best restaurants, you will always find something interesting to try on the menu.

Banff National Park
Banff National Park

Canada is a big country known for its stunning scenery and friendly people, and where there are wide open spaces and long roads, there is a reason for a road trip holiday. Packing up your belongings into your own home on wheels is the best way to see this beautiful country. There is so much to see and do that you won't want to stay in one place for long. Just don't forget to plan in some foodie stops along the way.

Canada's Rich Foodie History

One of Canada's best-kept secrets is its love affair with food of all types and tastes. Wherever you travel in Canada, you can find a new delight to tempt the taste buds.

Some of these foods are perfect for the adventurous but much of Canada's influences come from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland and France so you shouldn't find yourself too far out of your food comfort zone.

One of the best ways to explore a culture and find out more about how a country developed is by checking out the local food. Wherever you find a cultural influence in food, there is an intriguing story to hear about the history of the area. Canada is one of those places where diversity comes together to create something new and exciting so let's take a look at those cultural influences you can expect to see in the food.

First Nations

As with our previous article on America, the best place to start to explore the food culture is with the indigenous people. Canada's First Nations are the first to have discovered and used the now-famous maple syrup. We have them to thank for this delectable sweet delight that is used in many iconic Canadian recipes.

If you are lucky, you might find Bannock featuring on a menu or available in a store. This is a simple leavened bread that is still made today in some places, albeit with a modern twist.

Traditional Canadian Maple Syrup
Traditional Canadian Maple Syrup

European Influences

The most significant influences on Canadian food and culture come from various countries in Europe who settled and made Canada their new home. The types of influences you see can depend on the area you are staying in or travelling through. On a motorhome holiday in Canada, you can expect to see influences from Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland and France.

There is still a relatively strong French Canadian and English Canadian divide. In some regions, French culture will be apparent, and in others, you will find yourself feeling at home among the more British influenced areas.

All of these influences and ingredients create a diverse range of both sweet and savoury dishes. You might even find some new recipes to bring home to cook.

What Are Canada's National Dishes?

No matter your destination, in Canada there will be something different to try. You are spoilt for choice which is perfect for a motorhome holiday! You could test yourself and see if you can try a new food every day.

Here are a few favourite dishes to keep an eye out for on your Canadian adventure.

Poutine in take out container
Poutine in take out container


When Canadian food is mentioned, poutine is often the first thing talked about, and it is a dish you will come across often in restaurants and cafes. It isn't to everyone's tastes as the textures can be a little odd if you aren't sure what to expect. But, it is worth a try at least once. You might find you love it. The dish is made from french fries with a topping of cheese curds and a rich gravy. You will find that different restaurants have their own recipes and versions so even if you don't like it in one place. You might find you love it somewhere else.

Traditional Beaver Tails
Traditional Beaver Tails (Courtesy BeaverTails®)

Beaver Tails

This isn't quite as bad as it sounds. There is no beaver in this dish at all! Beaver Tails is a sweet dish made from pastry with a variety of sweet toppings and shaped into a beavertail. The creators of this dish is a restaurant chain who have made their name with this iconic dish that is a must-try, sweet treat for the whole family.

Butter Tarts
Butter Tarts (Photograph By ERIC AKIS)

Butter Tarts

Sticking with the sweet theme for a moment, let's talk about butter tarts. These are just as delicious as they sound. A shortcrust pastry case is filled with a mixture of butter, sugar, syrup and eggs, creating a delectable dish you will want to try again and again.

Montreal Smoked Meat
Montreal Smoked Meat (Photograph By DARREN STONE)

Montreal Smoked Meat

Originating in Quebec but now famous all over Canada is Montreal Smoked Meat. Kosher deli meat that is made by salting and curing beef brisket with seasoning and spices to give it a beautiful smokey flavour. After a week of absorbing the flavours, it is then hot-smoked and steamed to create a meat that makes a great snack or part of a traditional meat and bread lunch.

Lobster Rolls
Lobster Rolls (Photograph by Victor Protasio)

Lobster Roll

Are you heading to Nova Scotia? Make sure you try a lobster roll. This is a sandwich you won't forget in a hurry! A hot dog bun stuffed with fresh lobster meat usually seasoned with lemon, salt and black pepper and may contain mayonnaise or butter.

Candied Salmon
Candied Salmon (Photograph by True North Seafood Company)

Candied Salmon

Candied Salmon is an unusual treat to try, and it might seem like an odd flavour combination at first. This is a treat native to British Columbia, and it isn't quite as strange as it sounds! Salmon is marinated in salt and sugar or syrup and then cured and hot or cold smoked until you end up with strips of salmon with a sweet and smoky flavour. Similar to jerky but perhaps even more delicious.

Saskatoon Berries
Saskatoon Berries

Saskatoon Berries

Saskatoon berries have many other names, but in Canada, they are called saskatoon, and they are tiny purple berries that look similar to blueberries. They are described as having a sweet and almost nutty flavour. You can find these berries when they are in season in Saskatchewan, and they can be used as a sweet snack or baked into a pie for a delicious dessert.

Why not plan your Canadian trip of a lifetime around the food?

Canada has a whole range of different foods to try. We have given you a snapshot of some of the most popular dishes. You are sure to find many other foods on the menu as you travel through this beautiful country.

With so many things to see and do there is no better way to take a holiday to Canada than by motorhome. We have some fantastic trips and itineraries all planned out for you that take in some of the most breathtaking sights. Please take a look at our Canada holidays for more information and then get in touch to book your trip.

Sunwapta Falls
Sunwapta Falls

Take a trip from plains to mountains through some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever see on our Canadian Rockies Escorted Tour. This is a trip you will never forget. Take in the best of both the Canadian Rockies and the American Rockies, the best of both worlds!

Visit the Maritimes and get ready for an adventure along the dramatic coastline of Nova Scotia. Every day will offer a new experience with impressive mountain passes one day, and stunning ocean views the next. This is the perfect opportunity to try some of that lobster we mentioned!

For a trip abundant with wildlife opportunities browse our Great Parks and Lakes Of Western Canada Tour. You will have plenty of chances for adventure with trips through the mountains and great parks as you try and spot the elusive Canadian wildlife.

Get in touch with our travel team or request a brochure and get ready to start planning your Canadian Adventure.