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Canada is such a sublimely beautiful country, full of wondrous sights, interesting places and welcoming people. Whether you dream of heading to the Rocky Mountains for the views and long hikes through the mountainscapes or want to visit the great lakes and stunning national parks, Canada has something for everyone.

Canada is one of those countries that is ever-changing as the seasons change throughout the year. The weather can be warm and temperate in spring and summer and then change to biting cold and blistering snowstorms that are no less beautiful whilst they are wild. Because of this, the best time to visit Canada will be dependent on what you want to experience whilst there. For a motorhome road trip, you will always have to consider weather conditions and the practicalities of how you will be travelling and living whilst in Canada. Driving in a blizzard is no fun for anyone!

The best time to visit Canada in a motorhome

When planning your holiday, one of the crucial things to consider is when you want to travel. Of course, you need to take into account practicalities such as booking time off work, planning around big events and busy periods and the school holidays. When it comes to booking a motorhome or caravan holiday, you also need to consider the facilities available and the weather conditions best for this type of holiday.

Canada is beautiful throughout the year. Although, that beauty does change and shift with the turning seasons. In winter, you can expect striking snowy landscapes and icy wonderlands. In summer you can explore lush green countryside alive with wildlife. In the autumn, the green turns to rich autumnal colours of earthy browns, deep reds and honey golds. Take a moment to recognise what you'd most like to see whilst also taking into account the weather and the practicalities of camping in a motorhome during cold weather!

Sunset at Covehead Harbour Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Sunset at Covehead Harbour Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island, Canada

In general, the best time to visit Canada is between May to September. This is when the weather is mildest, and you can travel through much of Canada without worrying too much about contending with cold or extreme weather conditions. Between June and August, the peak holiday season is when most tourist attractions, holiday destinations, and campsites will be at their busiest.

Whilst winter holidays may seem like a good idea; they may not be the best option for a road trip. The weather in parts of Canada can get extremely cold, and driving conditions are very different from anything we are used to dealing with in the UK. The summer months are considerably more comfortable and might make a more sensible choice for your trip to Canada.

If you want to travel during milder seasons but want to avoid the height of the peak season when tourist and holiday destinations are packed with tourists, then travelling either side of the peak time during either May or September is a fantastic option. You get all the benefits of milder weather and avoid the busiest crowds that the summer holidays bring.

Canadian weather and your trip

Canada is known for its snowy weather and cold winters but don't make the mistake of believing that the whole country experiences the same weather at all times! Whilst parts of Canada get heavy snowfall from time to time, not all of Canada will. Vancouver rarely gets snow, whereas parts of Quebec get weeks and months of freezing weather!

For many, the most beautiful time to visit Canada in September and October - autumn is in full swing, long lazy summer days are drawing in, the leaves are beginning to fall, and, although still mild, the days are less humid than the summer months.

Summer in Canada can vary widely from place to place. In the central and eastern parts of the country, the weather can get very warm and humid, whereas, in western parts of Canada, the weather is cooler throughout the summer.

Why choose to travel to Canada between May and September

We would recommend visiting Canada during the warmer months. This is generally considered to be between May and September for most of Canada. This is when the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and you can visit all the must-see destination.

The peak season is between June and August, and this is when the weather is at it's hottest, and the atmosphere in some areas can become humid. This period also coincides with the summer holidays in both Canada and the UK, so this is the time when families choose to travel and visit tourist hotspots. If you love a busy holiday and love the idea of warm weather, then this is the time for you to pick for your Canadian adventure.

For those who want to holiday in the warmer months, we have a couple of options for holiday tours that depart in May and September. So you can pick the perfect time for you and your family to start your Canadian trip.

Canoes on Moraine lake, Canada
Canoes on Moraine lake, Canada

Our Canadian Rockies escorted motorhome tour is a great option if you want the confidence of having a tour host and ensure you don't miss any of the extraordinary scenery this part of Canada has to offer. You can choose from two tour dates that depart in either May or September, and you travel from Calgary and then loop through the impressive rocky mountains. On the way, you will stop at fascinating cultural highlights, impressive cities and breathtaking sights such as glaciers, ice-capped mountain peaks, beautiful blue lakes and much more.

If an escorted motorhome isn't for you, then we have plenty of options for you to choose your own itinerary.

Why choose to travel to Canada out of season

If you'd rather visit outside of peak season, make sure you do your research on travel conditions and weather before making your final decision, especially when choosing a motorhome road trip. Sometimes, destinations may not be a great idea when the weather is freezing, and snowstorms are expected.

We have four tailor-made Canadian holiday itineraries that you can choose from. These offer a different experience allowing you to explore and fall in love with the magnificent countryside and culture that Canada has to offer.

If like many, you find water peaceful, then our Great Parks and Lakes of Western Canada is the holiday for you. You can visit the best national parks and lakes in Canada while travelling from place to place through the rocky mountains.

Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia
Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

The Rocky Mountains are a sight that one never forgets. We have two motorhome tours that take you on different journeys through these iconic and sublime mountains. The Road to the Rockies takes you through the heart of the Canadian Rockies. If you want to travel a little further and experience both the Canadian and American Rocky mountains, you can choose our Canadian and American Rockies Tour that takes you from Canada and follows the rocky mountains to America and back again.

Our last motorhome tour focuses on Nova Scotia and the coastal area. Offering a different view of Canada that many miss out on, you can explore this hidden aspect that is equally gorgeous and enjoyable by taking our Maritimes - Canada's Hidden Gem Tour.

If you are ready to book your Canadian adventure, then contact us for advice on when and where you should travel to make sure your holiday is not only taken at the best time to visit Canada but includes everything you want to make your holiday is one you will never forget.

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