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Our Escorted Motorhome Tours are perfect for those on their first overseas group motorhome holiday or for those who want to benefit from the knowledge, assistance and passion of our local tour hosts.

On our escorted tours you will be part of a group of like-minded travellers following a set itinerary that features the highlights of each particular region. However, on the vast majority of days you will still be able to travel independently and make stops along the way wherever you wish to.

Your transfers, hotels, campsites, and motorhome are all included so the only real additional costs that you have to allow for are for your food, fuel and any applicable fees such as entry into National Parks.

You will also have the benefit of our experienced local tour hosts who will be with you from the day you arrive until the day you leave and who are there to help you get the very best from your holiday.

They will follow the same itinerary as you, travel in a motorhome the same as you, stay at the same campsites as you and join you on the all the included excursions.

However our escorted tours aren’t a ‘follow the leader’ tour, you have the freedom and choice to do what you want to on most days, be that setting off early, having a lie-in, taking a side road to explore that bit further or doing additional excursions.

Escorted Motorhome Tour Benefits

As all of our tour hosts live in the country that you are visiting, they are able to share all of their local knowledge to ensure that you don’t miss a thing and to tell you about some of the hidden secrets that only a local would know.

All of our tour hosts have their own unique style of leading a tour and they are able to offer:-

  • Help with route planning.
  • Suggestions of interesting places to stop on your journey each day.
  • Recommending photo stops.
  • Help with organising and booking local excursions.
  • Arranging social events on some evenings such as BBQ’s.
  • WhatsApp group chats to help keep everyone informed.
  • Advise on local customs and laws.
  • Recommend the best supermarkets and places to shop.
  • Should any minor issues with your motorhome arise they are there to assist.
  • Assist with locating doctors or dentists should the need arise.

You can learn more about our tour hosts on our Tour Hosts page.

Do you have to travel in convoy on an escorted tour?

For Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the answer is no you don’t need to travel in convoy. On the majority of days, you are free to choose what time you leave, what route you take and the stops you wish to make along the way. There may be the odd exception where there are included excursions or ferries to catch but generally you are free to travel independently of other motorhomes from your group.

The only exceptions to this can be on some of our Southern Africa tours where 4x4 motorhomes are used, this is because in certain areas the roads can be challenging (hence the need for a 4x4) and we have a back up vehicle with a mechanic on board that travels at the rear of the group to help you in the event of a puncture or mechanical breakdown.

However, on these challenging Southern African roads, many are gravel which can create an enormous amount of dust so it’s not possible to travel in a close convoy, so there will always be a good distance between you and the vehicle in front. On non-travelling days where you are spending consecutive nights at the same campsite you will be free to explore as you please.

Escorted tour group sizes

For the majority of our escorted tours there are usually a maximum of 15 motorhomes (30 people per tour) plus the tour hosts.

Pre-booking excursions

We have a huge number of excursions that you can book with us prior to travel and many of them can be found on our excursions page, please contact us for prices and also if there is an excursion that you would like to do but that isn’t listed.

The only time we wouldn’t recommend pre-booking an excursion is if it’s weather dependent (e.g., helicopter rides and whale watching cruises) as these can be cancelled at short notice and if you have pre-booked it is likely that you will have to wait until you return home before we can refund you.

What else is included?

Your motorhome will come with everything you need for your trip and to make life easier. They benefit from:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • In-vehicle tablet to help with your trip (New Zealand and Australia only)
  • Excess reduction on the insurance
  • Express return option when dropping off the motorhome so that you can get on with enjoying your holiday (New Zealand and Australia only)

Everything is arranged for you and pre-booked by us including all campsite and transfers, ferry crossings in and hotels at the start and finish of your tour. Plus, we’ve included some excursions and group meals as well so you can enjoy a complete holiday.

An escorted tour is the hassle free way to experience any of the worldwide motorhome holidays we offer, leaving you to enjoy your holiday with like-minded people, along with the support of our friendly and helpful guides.

To discuss our escorted motorhome tours in more detail, please contact us today.