Arriving in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is to arrive at the gateway to a real Australian experience.

Under almost constant sunny blue skies, Perth is a modern, laid-back city where life unfurls in a leisurely fashion. With superb beaches, world class eateries and vibrant centre, this city comes without the congestion and pollution of other major Australian cities. The idyllic Swan River and lush Kings Park simply enhance the feeling of space and wellbeing.

Despite being the most remote city of such size in the world, it is accessible and connected, with direct flights from London taking just 17 hours.

Head to the South West region and you’ll find sought after wineries and ancient forests running out to the secluded coastal bays and meandering rivers where dramatic vistas are the norm. Country living here is simple but comfortable, rich in the desirable things in life: good food, fine wines and starry nights.

More remote is the Golden Outback, a vast landscape covering over 50% of Western Australia. Stretching from the craggy Mt Augustus in the north to the pristine white sand beaches of Esperance in the south, it’s a dramatic region of stark, natural beauty.

The endless plains roll out, pockmarked with salt lakes, outcrops of rugged boulders and scrubby woodland. There are flat-as-pancake deserts, shimmering in the heat, and some of the whitest sand beaches you’ll find anywhere. The springtime rains trigger the blooming of a sprawling carpet of wild flowers.

There are crumbling remnants of the gold rush days, as well as modern mining centres like Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields. To the west, the Wheatbelt offers gently undulating plains and bustling rural townships.

In the North West region you’ll discover the authentic Aussie frontierland and an insight into Aboriginal culture. Ancient rain forest still clings on in this epic region, with red ochre gorges, huge cattle stations and plenty of pioneer spirit.