Dolphin Encounter Research Centre

Welcome to a world filled with dolphins, whales and an underwater kingdom just waiting to be explored. You are invited to take the plunge, face your fears, and experience something truly magical when coming face to face with the Dolphins of Ponta, where we experience the true essence of being wild and free! Operating within the Ponta Partial Marine Reserve, the focuses are on observing dolphins in the wild whilst following the Dolphin Care code of conduct allowing for dolphin friendly, non-intrusive viewing on the dolphin’s terms.

Whales are seen regularly during season (Jun to Nov) whilst opportunistic sightings of other special species that include whale sharks, mantas, and turtles (season and conditions dependent) are also possible. Programs have been created to ensure that a nurturing rather than needy approach is followed. No feeding, forcing, or coaxing, just you and our dolfriends face to face in the big blue.

Available on these holidays: