On Cape Breton’s rocky shoreline, the Fortress of Louisbourg takes you back to French colonial life between 1713 and 1758 when Louisbourg was a major fishing centre and cosmopolitan town situated on the trade routes between North America and Europe. This place was first the home of the Mi'kmaw people and in the 18th century, they were joined by the French alongside Basque, German, English, Irish, Scottish, and African people. Today, this one-quarter reconstruction of the original French town and fortifications is the largest and best of its kind in North America, offering a wealth of experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Today, the modern town of Louisbourg welcomes travellers from around the world with an amazing fortress, spectacular walking trails, fishing wharves along the winding Havenside Road, exceptional music and theatre at the intimate Louisbourg Playhouse, and fresh seafood to savour. Absorb the beauty of the surroundings, have a picnic at Lighthouse Point (site of the first lighthouse in Canada, 1734), stroll along the beaches at Kennington Cove, and don’t miss the Sydney & Louisburg Railway Museum.