Grand Pre which translates to Great Meadow, was settled in 1680 by Acadians who had ventured out from their original French settlement in Port-Royal. These settlers built the dykes which kept back the tides of the Minas Basin and created these very fertile lands for their crops and animals.

Grand-Pre grew to be the largest of all the Acadian settlements in the Annapolis Valley area, that is until September 5, 1755 when from the church in Grand-Pre made an order that declared all Acadians would be deported, from that date until 1763 more than 10,000 Acadians were deported from Nova Scotia.

Today Grand-Pre is a National Historic Site and it has had a memorial church built on the grounds which serves as a museum. Other notable sites are the Deportation Cross which was built to ensure memory of the deportation and a sculpture of Evangeline the main character in the famed poem by Henry Longfellow.