Baddeck has been described as the beginning – and the end – of Cape Breton Island's world-famous Cabot Trail. Nestled along the shore of the Bras d’Or Lake in Cape Breton, the town is a favourite stop for sailors and those looking for tranquil beauty in the heart of the island.

Baddeck has a long history of being an inviting place to rest and admire the surrounding hills and water. The area was a seasonal home to Mi’kmaq settlements and is believed to get its name from the Mi’kmaq word “Abadak”, which means “place with an island near” (referring to the nearby Kidston Island).

The most famous of Baddeck’s summer residents was Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, who built two homes on his estate he called “Beinn Bhreagh”, Scottish Gaelic for “Beautiful Mountain”.